The Video Chats and The Perfect Sessions You Would Want

2020 was marked by the rapid transition of people around the world to remote work. This fact, in turn, has changed for many the very principles of communication. Instead of lively communication, millions of company employees switched to online communication. And if in some situations it is enough just correspondence by Email or in the messenger, then in others you can’t do without video communication.

Services like Skype, Zoom and Discord have become indispensable. And in order to fully use them, you will need a good webcam. Of course, if you use a laptop or tablet with a built-in camera, this question is not too relevant for you. In other cases, the choice must be approached carefully. We’ll talk about this today. Make a visit to for the perfect solution.

Choose a webcam for video calling and random chats

It would seem that a webcam is a very ordinary peripheral device, the purchase of which should not be taken too seriously. Yes, if you need it only for rare communication in chat roulette, this is completely justified. But if we talk about the workflow, the situation changes radically. And there are a number of points to which you need to pay attention.

Type of matrix

Usually this characteristic is not looked at when buying. But she is one of the most important. There are two types of matrices:

  • CMOS – consumes very little energy and reads information faster, but is prone to noise and interference. Fast moving objects on it are blurred.
  • CCD – consumes more power, but produces a better image. The interference is noticeably less even in poor lighting conditions. But the cost of webcams with CCD matrices is higher.

If you are willing to pay more for quality, give preference to cameras with CCD sensors.

Number of pixels

Everything is simple here – the more pixels, the better. The picture will be clearer and more detailed. We do not recommend buying a camera with a resolution of less than 3 megapixels. It is minimum 5 or more.


The rule is the same as in the previous paragraph. Large resolution provides a better picture. Previously, 640×480 pixels were enough. But now there are big monitors everywhere. Therefore, choose cameras with a resolution of at least 1280×960 pixels or more.

FPS – the number of frames per second

The minimum allowable value is 30 frames. If it is smaller, the picture will be interrupted. You can consider options with a frequency of 60 FPS. The main thing is that your Internet connection is fast enough and works without interruptions.

Eugene M. Woodward