Fine Solutions for The best Deepfake Options

Whether on the internet or on television, nearly 90% of men in France have already watched a porn movie at least once. A craze which is certainly not due to the play of the actors, nor to the depth of the dialogues. So what do they find so exciting about them?

Defy the forbidden

According to an Ifop poll of June 13, 2014, entitled “Couple pornography, the end of a taboo?”, 42% of women don’t know their boyfriend is watching porn . At the same time, if we put the question to ours, there is a 9 out of 10 chance that he will answer us, looking outraged, that no, he does not eat that bread. And almost as likely for him to brazenly lie to us since, according to another Ifop poll of April 14, 2014 , nearly 20% of men watch porn movies regularly . Except that as he swore his gods to us that no, he never looked at them, watching them in secret is all the more exciting.

Refocus on himself

So accustomed to responding to our every desire under the covers, even if it means “holding back” to allow us to get off on our feet , that sometimes man needs to think of himself. The porn film constitutes a small selfish pleasure allowing the gentleman to make himself come mechanically, without any altruistic constraint. The Gal Gadot deepfake happens to be a perfect choice there.

To fill our absence or his celibacy

He wants sex right now but, to his great regret, you are not there. Worse, he’s single. In either case, porn appears to him as a fallback solution.

Forge an experience

For (young) men who have not yet acted, porn gives them an experimental side. Unfortunately for them, the films do not reflect reality frankly (far from it) and risk giving them an erroneous idea of ​​the woman’s body and her desires.

Impress yourself

Guys need pictures. It’s not for nothing that during love, most guys have their eyes open like marbles in the direction of our penis, our breasts or our buttocks. Watching stimulates them. Porn being a succession of images, it makes sense that they are fond of it.

Spend time with you

If, with the rise of female porn , you are part of the 3% of French women who consume it often , then, maybe your guy has no choice but to watch it to cherish hope. to spend time by your side.

Eugene M. Woodward